Keyholding & Mobile Patrol


Our trained and trusted keyholding security guards hold a key to your premises at a secure location. If a threat is identified then the guard will visit the threat and deal with it accordingly. A level of trust is built and maintained between the keyholder and the client as the security guard has 24/7 access to premises, though they only gain this access in case of emergency.

Mobile Patrol

As an extension of CCTV, we can help secure your grounds by providing a Mobile Patrol service, which helps to deal with threats immediately, on-site, and without the need for a third party. Our Mobile Patrol units are state of the art vehicles that are very visibly recognisable as they are branded with our colours and logo – this diminishes and deters the potential for threats to occur.


Will Clark General Manager

Alpha Security go above and beyond the typical security guard provision you see from most companies. The staff at our student accommodation offer a friendly face to talk to when things are hard, offer assistance and advice whilst always providing a smiling face to welcome them home after a hard day (or night) at University.

Selection Of Our Partners


We offer market-leading rates and cannot be beaten on our fees. Please contact us for a personalised quote.